Friday, May 16, 2014


Tadimety Aromatics Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 1996. Madhu Chakrapani Rao with a couple of like-minded people began the operation of the company in a small facility totalling 2000 sq ft. Like most start-up companies Tadimety Aromatics underwent difficult times during first few years. The company ability to overcome initial obstacles and its current success can be attributed in part to Madhu Chakrapani Rao’s early decision to focus on core organic chemistry and manufacture speciality aroma chemicals for customers specific requirements. 

The knowledge and experience in interaction with key customers has been invaluable to the growth of the company. Another factor contributing to Tadimety Aromatics success is its commitment to excellence in quality and service-producing high quality speciality aroma chemicals that meet customers’ requirements. 

By end of 2008, production had begun at the company’s new manufacturing facility located at Hirehalli Industrial Area having an overall capacity to manufacture 1200 tonnes of finished products per year. By middle of 2009 the completeAd by SaveLots manufacturing facility from Peenya had been shifted to Hirehalli Industrial Area and the new facility was further expanded to produce 2000 tonnes of finished products per year due to quantum increase of sales of the products globally. Today Tadimety Aromatics has over 65000 sqft of manufacturing space having dedicated modules to manufacture various speciality aroma chemicals. 

Tadimety Aromatics is proud to state “ IT IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF ROSECRYSTALS EX BENZALDEHYDE (CAS No. 90-17-5) GLOBALLY ”. The product has been REACH Registered for sales in Europe. 

The company has grown to over 70+ employees havingdecades of experienced technical people in key posts. The flat organisational structure facilitates a collaborative approach to respond to customer request in a timely manner and to develop products that meet our customer’s requirement. 

Tadimety Aromatics Research & Development Department has been accredited with recognition from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in the year 2012. Madhu Chakrapani Rao and his colleagues have published more than 8 technical papers in leading technical journals on new processes and new molecules under development which has been well accepted in international journals. 

Today Tadimety Aromatics manufactures more than 70+ speciality aroma chemicals and supplies all over the world. In addition to manufacture high quality of speciality aroma products Tadimety Aromatics also supports the customers with technical literature on specific application/uses of the product on request. With Tadimety Aromatics consistent growth during last one and half decades one thing has not changed, the commitment to manufacture high quality speciality aroma products that meet customer requirements at cost effective price. 

We stand firmly committed to make Tadimety Aromatics a Global Brand.

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